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About Ann Sheppard

About Ann Sheppard

Ann Sheppard

Ann Sheppard, Intuitive Counselor

As a young child, I saw colors around people. I would comment to my mother, who, based on her religious upbringing, would tell me the things I saw were “evil works of the devil”. So, I learned early on to be quiet and to dismiss what I inherently knew.
I spent many years working to make myself “credible”. I became an RN and worked in the medical field. Then on to graduate school to study and work in psychology and religious studies; all an attempt to make sense of what I just “knew”. Finally the pain of feeling out of touch with my intuitive self and my deep connection to God, was worse than just saying what is true about me. And I believe true about all of us. We are intuitive beings and our lives work better when we are connected and engaged with our authentic self.

I do the work because I feel called to help people wake back up to what may have lain dormant inside them for a long time. I love the process of helping people learn to listen to themselves again. To learn to trust their own heart’s longing and come back home to themselves. To hear their own voice, to trust their own intuition.

Ann has helped all sorts of people

Ann has worked with all types of cases, bringing joy and peace to even the most challenging ones.

The work I do asks that that you be willing to go beyond the rational mind of psychology, to learn to hear what isn’t said or thought, but felt. Intuitive counseling taps into feelings. Intuitive counseling helps access our energetic knowing, allowing us to deeply know what is our truth. The truth in our hearts and in our bodies. Through this process we become masters of our own hearts longing and the spiritual warrior we yearn for.

The process of coming home to ourselves is the process of spiritual emergence. I believe spirituality is the process of integrating living a life of meaning and purpose with being connected to a larger whole. Listening and honoring our own intuitive knowing leads us to that place of integration and wholeness.
So, the work I do is the process of integrating body, mind and spirit. Allowing all of who we are to emerge. Learning skills to listen to ourselves, learn to trust what we hear, thereby allowing our body and our hearts to guide us into a deeper place of our own intuitive knowing.