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As the Process Unfolds

As the Process Unfolds

Often as soon as I commit to teach a class, lead a retreat or workshop, the topic of the event begins to work me.  I am going to be leading a retreat at Inhabit, a beautiful center, “where you can grow your own way”, in Durango, CO., the end of this month, entitled, “On Speaking Your Truth”.  I made the title up and I decided what the topic of the retreat would be.  So, now it is working me.

I love this process as much as I find fascinating what it brings about inside me.  All the places I have been not speaking up, not sharing what is in my heart begin to show themselves.  I find the ways I decide to share myself or not, telling.

This retreat will work with listening, the ways we do or don’t.  We will work with why some conversations are easier to have than others.  Why some people we can share our heart with and others, we choose to hold ourselves back and not speak our truth. “Who is the authority in your life and why”, is a question we will consider.  Many are surprised at who they believe more than they believe themselves.  So, when faced with that person, no wonder we hold fear to confront them with our longing, or needs or wants.  The fear of not being accepted or loved often hides silently underneath our fear of confrontation.  There will be lots of time to practice having those difficult conversations so we can feel where we hold onto emotions we may not have even realized we held on to.   

I say often, “Every heart has a way it wants to be spoken to”.  In our time together, we will learn how our heart wants to be spoken to and how to learn to hear another’s.  We will come to understand how we might say something to another with compassion, respect, speaking from our truth.

So, come, join me and the others who are choosing to join this exploration.  I do love watching the process unfold!  If your are interested in joining us, contact  Inhabit at (970) 382-2727, to register.  My website, as well as theirs, has all the details.

Ann Sheppard, August 2015