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Happy New Year + Setting Intentions

Happy New Year + Setting Intentions


As another year dawns it brings many of us to want to begin the year with bringing the idea of living more intentionally.  I always begin the New Year setting intentions because it allows me to see where I am and what I want to focus on as I grow spiritually.  And as the new year progresses, I find myself with a measurement of how much I have been willing to commit to myself- to my own spiritual growth. 

Setting intention is a form of self- commitment.  The process allows us to see where we want to go and where we actually are on our path.  I always find it helpful to be able to see how much I allow myself to matter to me, by seeing how many of my intentions I follow through with. Certainly not as a form of judgment, but as a way for me to keep track of my willingness to love myself and to find compassion for myself.

I encourage all of you to find what works best for you in setting your intentions and allowing yourself to see where you could bring yourself more compassion and love yourself more. I look forward to sharing with you throughout this coming year!

Many blessings for the coming year,

~Ann Sheppard