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How do I know?

How do I know?

“At the center of your being, you have the answer; you know who you are, and you know what you want.”


How many times have we heard someone say, “I listen to my gut; I follow what my gut says.” We hear many successful people refer to listening to their “gut” as the way they became successful. They listen to their gut and trust what they hear.  What they are saying is they listen to their intuition.

To intuit means to look upon, to instruct from with in, to understand or learn by instinct.   And instinct refers to a learning we are born with. So, intuition is the very personal way we listen to the Universe in order to discover and rediscover the learnings we were born with.

Intuition is a normal way we perceive the world.  Following what we know, what we hear, we can know what we need, what we want, who and what we can trust. Yet because we can’t prove what we know from the very center of our being, we often don’t act upon, or trust what we hear.

The work I do centers on trusting my own intuition and helping others build skills, learn to recognize their own intuition, and learn how to live from intuition. The journey to truth begins when we lose possession of what we thought were answers and are left to accept that we are not in control.  Learning to become comfortable with uncertainty is a large part of trusting what we know; trusting our intuition.

Fear and uncertainty are natural reactions we experience as we move closer to the truth of ourselves. Remember, fear is a universal experience.  Every creature experiences fear. So, as we learn to hear and then trust our intuition, we will experience fear.  Acknowledge the fear, learn to know it, how it works in you. Where do you hold fear in your body?  Bring the fear compassion and move through it. We often filter what we hear through what we believe, which limits what we actually take in to only what is already familiar.  Just like when we begin a new workout routine, we build muscle by slowly increasing weight.  As we gain confidence in our ability to become stronger, we find the more weight our body can handle.  Building trust in our intuition is much like this same process.  We listen, we follow what we hear, we trust and intuition grows. Take a minute, go inside, listen and journal about the following questions:

  •  What do I know for sure about me?  What do I trust about me on a daily basis?
  • Am I willing to endure uncertainty until I hear another, deeper way?
  • Am I willing to listen to my own answers and not trust what someone else says more than I trust myself?

“Just trust yourself,

Then you will know how to live.”



When we allow ourselves to listen to where life is taking us, then we are most ripe for transformation to occur in our lives. By our willingness to listen and hear our intuition, we allow ourselves to discover the knowledge we were born with.  Ask yourself: “Am I listening to my own heart’s longing?  Am I staying true to what I know?  Take some time to answer these questions for yourself.

We build our intuition by staying present with ourselves.  By allowing time to just be with ourselves. Life is full of distraction.  We can always fill our days with lots to see, do, some of which is actually meaningful and good for us. However, it is helpful, when working to grow our intuition, to actually be with ourselves.

Some tools I find helpful in my own life include, meditation, or any kind of mindfulness practice is very helpful. Taking time to be alone and just listen to me.   What is my heart wanting me to hear right now?  Did I register that I don‘t want to make that commitment, or need to say yes, even though what ever it is feels scary?  Am I willing to act on that knowing?  If not, what does my body, heart, mind, need to do to make it safe enough to speak my truth…. to myself first, then anyone else?

Journaling what we hear is another helpful practice.  Journaling helps us keep track of where we are, what we fear, what we know and where we might go next. And the all important step of taking action.  Remember, intuition grows by our willingness to hear or feel and then act upon what we hear or feel.   The more we take action, the more our confidence grows that our lives are truly guided by our intuition. We can trust ourself, we can speak our truth and we can become masterful in our life. This is your life; allow yourself to live it fully, joyfully and passionately!  Begin today.