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In Deep Gratitude…

In Deep Gratitude…

In Deep Gratitude…

As 2015 winds down I find my heart filled with such gratitude and love for those of you who come to do work with me, participate in the groups offered and fill the retreats I facilitate.

Over the years, sitting with people as they explore their deepest selves, one elemental truth arises over and over; we become what we seek.  The more willing we are to know ourselves fully, the more our authentic self shows itself.  Through the group process, we each discover the power in witness.  Group process allows us to experience the places we hold on, block out love and stay in our denial. As well as a safe, sacred place to act as witness to how we show up.  We are given the opportunity to see our gifts and what it is that we bring to the world.  I have always loved the process of watching as each person opens to a deeper knowing and understanding of themselves.

By learning the language of our body as it speaks to us, we are lead to a deeper understanding of where we hold our wounding, our pain, our grief and our joy. Through our willingness and vulnerability we allow our body to speak to us. Our body is our primary feedback mechanism.  We have only to listen.

Our heart is the seat of our emotion.  When we know our heart, when we open to our deepest longing, we find our fears, our dark places, as well as our deep pockets of love and joy. We begin to listen deeply to our heart speak our deepest truths.

It takes such great courage to follow your heart. To learn to speak your truth. To be willing to allow your body to show you where you hold your pain, wisdom, wounding and joy.

I am blessed to act as witness to each life that touches mine so deeply by sharing your truth, your vulnerability, your courage.  By acting as witness to your courage and willingness, you hold me accountable to mine.

Thank you for bringing such richness to my life.  Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for showing up.  I am so very grateful to each and every one of you.

May 2016 bring each one of you much joy, abundance and many, many blessings,

~ Ann Sheppard