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The Journey To Stillness- An Introduction

The Journey To Stillness- An Introduction

I am writing this journal to document the experiences, insights and awarenesses of the month I took off to be with me.

I came to this retreat time with a certain agenda and found, of course, something entirely different than I could have imagined.  I will let you read the entries as I post them, but it is certainly a moment by moment process that works me daily.

What remains constant is my deep gratitude for the process.  I am so grateful for the constant unfolding of my life; good times and challenging times.  Even in the moments when I am wondering, “What was I thinking, spending a month in isolation and  with just me?”  Then the sun comes up, casting it’s light and warmth on the red rock outside my window, or I am driving or walking and see a huge eagle soaring overhead, and I find gratitude, comfort and stillness growing inside my heart.

So, this journal serves as a process for me to record my experiences, feelings and to share my journey with you.  Welcome!