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The Journey to Stillness Continues…

The Journey to Stillness Continues…

“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart
and try to love the questions themselves.”
~ Rainer Marie Rilke


I find this time of year, as the days grow shorter, begins to prepare me to go deeper inside and evaluate my ongoing relationship to the stillness I began to befriend earlier this year. This time of year also reminds me of what I feel grateful for in my life. One of the many things I feel grateful for is the work I feel such love for. I love helping people come home to themselves by providing tools that help them build their intuition, learning to trust themselves and hear their own heart’s longing. A favorite part of my work is leading group process.

The group I spent the last 6 months facilitating, The Path of a Spiritual Warrior, is finished. These people who committed to 6 months of exploring themselves deeply have left me humbled and so amazed at their courage, willingness and honesty. These men and women willingly came together to learn to speak their truth, learn to live a more honest life and be compassionate, honest human beings within their relationships and out in the world. They explored trusting their own intuition and being the Spiritual Warriors they came here to be. How I love sharing the process with them. And how much their willingness awakens my own.

For me, one of the most valuable aspects of working within the group process is that whatever topic I am going to present to the group begins to work me. I find myself learning so much about myself facilitating these groups. As I watch these brave souls navigate through their own vulnerability with such courage and honesty with one another, I find myself asking the question, “Am I willing to be as vulnerable?” It begs the question in my relationship with myself, “What do I need in order to be more open and willing to listen to my own intuition and speak my truth?

It also seems necessary for me to find gratitude for myself and an honoring of my own courage to allow myself to be vulnerable. Learning how to make it safe to speak my truth is an act of courage. As is learning to be present with myself so that I can hear my own intuitive knowing. Being vulnerable allows me to blossom into a full and complete life.

I have learned that being still isn’t just about not talking, but being willing to be alone with myself, willing to hear and bring attention to all my own feelings, thoughts, needs, and wants. Resting in the stillness, being fully present with myself, I grow more and more willing to just allow. In the stillness, I hear my own vulnerability, my own spiritual warrior rising up within me. I can come home to myself at last.

May you have a very blessed Holiday Season.