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Just Imagine – Stop Resisting Change Workshop

Just Imagine – Stop Resisting Change Workshop

How and Why We Resist the Change We Say We Want

Just imagine that you wake up each day feeling creative, excited and flowing your energy smoothly and wisely.

Just imagine that you wander throughout your day engaged in meaningful, joyful and loving relationships, able to speak your truth and ask for what you need, everywhere you go.

Just imagine actually hearing and acting on your intuition on a daily basis.

Just imagine waking up with a sense of purpose and vision with an inner fire that is not easily discouraged.

Just imagine rising up to live all your dreams and ambitions…

Resistance is sly and often subtle. It stops us when we aren’t clear or understand what is going on. Come, join us to explore how and why we resist the change we so deeply long for.

Please join Jen and Ann as we spend the day exploring tools, skills and our own inner wisdom to help us identify and break out of the places we feel stuck.

Stop Resisting Change Workshop

When: Saturday, September 14th from Noon to 4pm

Where: Body Jive / Getting to the Heart of the Matter Office

7597 HWY 89, Suite 7, Graeagle, CA

Cost: $25.00

“Just Imagine” is the title and invitation to join us for a workshop the second Saturday of each month through October. Each month, there will be an afternoon or day long workshop, covering different topics. Watch the newsletter for topics and exciting adventures! For further information, contact Ann or Jen.

Jen Terhune weaves together 20 years of experience in the healing arts. Her finely tuned intuition helps people regain health and balance by listening to their inner guidance and body wisdom. She practices Energy Medicine and Craniosacral Medicine. (650) 353- 6434.

Ann Sheppard has more than 30 years experience facilitating the process of personal growth. She provides intuitive counseling, relationship counseling, energy medicine, with the intention of “Getting To The Heart Of The Matter.” (530) 386- 4355.