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Just Imagine – You Are Not the Boss of Me Workshop

Just Imagine – You Are Not the Boss of Me Workshop

“Let the opposing voices in your head speak.

They are only finding their part in a larger,
yet-to-be-heard song.”

~ Mark Nepo

So, who is the authority in your life?  Who do you allow to tell you what you think, should believe, should feel ?  We would say no one.  But stop a second and think about all the times you say yes, when you mean no, give in when you know you shouldn’t.  This afternoon workshop explores all the places where we hear the opposing voices in our heads and don’t know which one to listen to. Are you willing to hear your own?

Come join Ann and Jen for a fun filled afternoon of play, learning, skill building, connection and support with others.  Learn to hear and become your own authority.

When: Saturday, May 11th from noon to 4pm

Where: Body Jive / Getting to the Heart of the Matter Office

7597 HWY 89, Suite 7, Graeagle, CA

Cost: $ 25.00

“Just Imagine” is the title and invitation to join us for a workshop the second Saturday of each month through October. Each month, there will be an afternoon or day long workshop, covering different topics. Watch the newsletter for topics and exciting adventures! For further information, contact Ann or Jen.

Jen Terhune weaves together 20 years of experience in the healing arts. Her finely tuned intuition helps people regain health and balance by listening to their inner guidance and body wisdom. She practices Energy Medicine and Craniosacral Medicine. (650) 353- 6434.

Ann Sheppard has more than 30 years experience facilitating the process of personal growth. She provides intuitive counseling, relationship counseling, energy medicine, with the intention of “Getting To The Heart Of The Matter.” (530) 386- 4355.