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On Speaking Your Truth – Retreat

On Speaking Your Truth – Retreat

On Speaking Your Truth

A Retreat with Ann Sheppard

August 28-30th Durango, Colorado

How many times have you walked away from a conversation wishing you had the courage to speak your truth?   Whether it’s ending a relationship, standing up to your boss or just taking the risk to share what’s in your heart, confrontation is never easy!  This retreat will teach you the skills to make it easy, all in a safe and sacred environment where you can practice these most difficult of interactions.   Please come with a challenging conversation that you would like to learn to have with someone and we will learn to do it with presence, compassion and honesty.

WHEN: Friday 6pm – 9pm,  Saturday 9am – 5:30pm,  Sunday 9am – 4pm. 
COST: $250 (All materials provided).
WHERE: Inhabit (1970 E. 3rd Ave. Durango, Colorado. In the Riverside Building next to the Library)
REGISTER: Call Inhabit at 970-382-2727. (Space is limited, reserve your spot now)

Ann will be available for individual sessions on Monday, Aug. 31. Please contact her at (530) 386- 4355 to schedule an appointment.

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