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What is Getting to the Heart of the Matter?

Getting to the Heart of the Matter is an Intuitive Counseling  practice. It is a process of looking deeply and honestly at what  does and doesn’t work in our lives.  It is a process of making a commitment to ourselves to be willing to change what doesn’t work; to develop a willingness to live our authentic lives.

Getting to the heart of the matter is about emotional release and healing. It is about acknowledging the Divine in ourselves.  It is about listening to our own heart’s longing and a willingness to find and trust our own deepest experience.  The process that is Intuitive Counseling helps us see we are on a path of life lived with the belief and understanding that you are a soul, and that spiritual growth is our primary work.

How do you get to the heart of a matter?

Over the 30 plus years I have been working with people, our relationship with ourselves and others has been a primary focus of the work I do. Seeing ourselves and how we show up in relationships is one of the very best ways to get to the heart of the matter.

Being willing to open our heart to another, to ourselves, learning skills to communicate more clearly, more honestly, leads us to more intimate relationships.  And the process leads us to a willingness to live life more self-responsibly, which leads to a greater sense of self-love and self-respect.

What else do you help with?

Another aspect of my work is teaching skills such as meditation, grounding, working with energy, and learning how to stay present with yourself.  Getting to the heart of the matter is about learning and experiencing mastery in your life.