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A Matter of Perception

A Matter of Perception

Life brings us what it will, one way or another.  It is our response to lifeʼs unfolding that determines our happiness, or our suffering.  As life unfolds, each experience gives us an opportunity to react or to respond.  So often, reaction comes from fear, whereas when we are able to respond to life, we can learn to trust ourselves and grow trust in our mastery of life.

It is important to be willing to be real with ourselves about how we have chosen to deal with what life brings.  Are we willing to find acceptance for ourselves instead of self judgment and shame?  Is there a way for us to find willingness to grow from our past experiences?  When we find this willingness, we become resilient. Resiliency leads us to a feeling of self-love and self-respect. Resiliency can lead us to freedom.  If we can find freedom in our lives, learn to trust ourselves, then whatever life brings, we will be able to meet and embrace it.

When we know what situations bring up fear in us, we can learn skills to work with the fear.  One way of working with fear is by asking ourselves, “Is real?”  If it is, we can take the steps needed to heal it.  If it isnʼt real, but our fear is pushing us to be afraid, then we can choose to find a way to meet the fear.  By taking a proactive approach, we can heal the fear and build self- esteem and self- respect.  We grow a sense of accomplishment and feel mastery.

By knowing the places we are strong, we can use our strength and experience to respond to life, bringing peace to our lives.  Carlos Casteneda says:

“We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same”.

So of course this begs the question, “Where do we want to focus our work?”  On healing our fears and doubts, self- sabotage, or on staying stuck in our same old patterns?  Or on learning new ways to work with our fears and self- sabotage?  Ask yourself, “What do I gain from my self- sabotage?  How am I willing to face and change my self- defeating patterns?  When we come to our lives from curiosity instead of blame or shame, we can begin to grow a sense of mastery.

Remember, life will bring us what it will.  It is our perception of what is that determines our suffering or our peace.  We always have a choice.  May you always remember this is your life.  May you always choose you.

Blessings to you,

Ann Sheppard