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Intuitive counseling services

Services Provided

Intuitive Skill Building and Consulting

With a rare blend of clarity and insight to confront issues where people have previously felt stuck, Ann helps people “Get to the heart of the matter”. With her ability to listen deeply, she is able to help people learn to listen and hear their own heart longing and become the spiritual warrior that awaits within each one of us.

Energy Medicine

Ann teaches meditation, grounding, clearing chakras, as well as how to be present with your psychic gifts. She provides tools and support as you grow into your own psychic, energetic gifts. She helps you to understand where you hold blocked areas in your body. She helps you learn to use your own energy and provides you with the skills to do that more clearly, cleanly and safely.


Ann provides retreats on spiritual emergence issues; developing your intuitive gifts; energy medicine. She is available to provide retreats wherever she is invited.


Ann’s areas of expertise are in people development and facilitating personal growth. Her commitment is to helping people and organizations grow, whether it is through executive coaching, conflict resolution, staff development, facilitating the communication process and learning to listen to your own intuitive knowing. All are a part of a process she calls, “getting to the heart of the matter”.