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Client testimonials about intuitive counseling

Client Testimonials

“You have a unique talent to really meet people where they are, with genuine respect, and full acceptance of their choices. You have developed an extraordinary skill in listening to a client’s unique truth and perspective and lead them into profound depths of self-awareness.” ~ Jen

“Ann Sheppard came to speak to my Church’s small congregation at a time when we were suffering from lack of congregational involvement and monetary input to keep us afloat. She made a difference that day- she spoke to the heart of our intentions and our commitment, and she did it with love. I sometimes ask myself, “What is a life worth?’

In the past, I have often answered this question with achievements- masterpieces, spiritual or literal changes to the world.  The measure I’ve thought is a Charles Darwin or a Nelson Mandela. Ann’s life offers another lens.  She doesn’t change the world forcibly, but she changes many people in it. She lightens them. She inspires them.

She changed my life. HER life reveals that it doesn’t take much to make a difference every day- just deep, full love- and that can be sewn with many different kinds of stitches.” ~ RGK

“I have been working with Ann for the last 2+ years, but now I know it has been much longer than that. Over time, we have tried on multiple different relationships and I am truly thankful to her for showing me that it is possible to do this skillfully and with mutual respect and love.

Ann brings a knowing and gentleness to her practice that I have never experienced before. I have worked with many different “counselors”, but she is by far the most skilled in helping me see and hear that which I am missing or overlooking in a way that works for me. If you are truly ready to dig in and wanting to look deep – “get to the heart of the matter”, then Ann can help you and support you on your journey. I cannot recommend Ann enough for those that are truly willing to get in there.” ~ Chris Anderson, D.C.

“One of the most valuable things I have learned is how to say “no”.  It is the ability to say “no” that allows me to be able to say “yes” to the things that REALLY matter to me.  I look at it like thinning plants in my garden – if I don’t thin them out, none of them will grow very well.  At times I felt that I was so busy with all of the competing things demanding my attention that I couldn’t see the sun.  I feel now that I have the ability to evaluate each request quickly and discard the “weeds”.  But I also learned how important other people are to me and how to lean on others and, yes, even allow others to lift me up!  There is no judgment from both of them – only hearts full of love!  If they can be so non-judgmental of me, maybe I can be a little less judgmental of myself.” ~ Ann Taylor

“I met Ann Sheppard in 1989 and began my spiritual journey with her in 1990 for five years and again in late 2013 to present. Working with Ann has allowed me to deepen in my inner spiritual growth. Since reuniting with Ann again, I feel we picked up where I had left off in my spiritual journey years ago. Ann literally supported me in “waking up” and taking charge of my own life. At that time setting personal boundaries for myself, especially with family members, was a challenge for me. It was difficult for me to see what was my personal feelings from others–everything felt so entangled and intertwined. Since the time we first met up until now, we continue to work on my taking charge of my own authentic true self.

Ann has the unique ability to “listen” and “hear” without judgment to what I am saying with incredible kindness and love. Thank you Ann for the blessing you are in this world.” ~ Laurel Boggs

“There are times when we find the perfect mentor to help us do the hard work required to not only heal our broken places, but to make those broken places stronger than they were before. It is then that our scars become more beautiful in a way that allows us to bring healing to the world around us. The Japanese art of Kintsugi repairs broken pieces of pottery with seams of gold and is a fitting metaphor for the work that Ann brings to her clients. Kintsugi and Ann repair the brokenness in a way that makes the container (us) more beautiful and valuable than it was prior to being broken” ~ Robin Kinkley